Spring Enrollment is Going Quick!

Do you have your enrollment in yet?

Our Kiel School Drama Club course has filled up already!  If you didn’t make it into the course, please take a moment to look over our other courses and see if there’s something else your children might enjoy.

If there is a course you and your child REALLY want to get into, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you DO NOT MAIL YOUR ENROLLMENT!  Rather, it’s best to hand deliver it directly to the board office.  Sending enrollment forms through the backpack takes much longer, as does mailing it to your school.

Can’t I just email you to reserve a space?

Nope!  To be as fair as possible, we only count a student as enrolled once we have a form and payment in our hand!  If Linda Russell does not have BOTH your enrollment form AND your check, you can’t count on a spot for your child in the class.