Our new courses are here!  Hurry and get your enrollment in to make sure you get your spot!

Just point your mouse at the “Spring 2013 Course Catalog” option in the menu above and choose how you’d like to view courses.  By school and by day or all 17 at the same time.

We have a lot of fun courses for you this time, including new finds as well as old favorites.  Take a look around and let us know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Spring 2013 Enrollment is HERE!!!

    • Usually, Linda emails you if there is a problem. For example, if your class was full when she got your enrollment, she’ll email and let you know, offering you the chance to choose another course. Otherwise you can assume that you are enrolled. I’ll check with Linda to find out if she emails everyone prior to the start of classes or not. I’m not sure. But thanks for the great question! 🙂 — Sandra (Webmaster)

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