FALL 2015 Kase Program Enrollment is OFFICIALLY OPEN!!!

We’re Here And READY FOR YOU!!

Amazing things are worth waiting for.  We’re sorry you had to wait so long this session for the Fall 2015 KASE Program to start enrollment, but we promise: It’s WORTH THE WAIT! ♥


We have 19 courses to offer you and we KNOW you’re going to LOVE THEM ALL! ♥


Do you have a child in grades 3-5 who would LOVE to participate but you can’t be there to pick them up when their KASE course ends?  We have a solution for that!

We can bus your child over to the Sisco School when their KASE course is finished and they can have a safe place to have a snack, do their homework or just decompress until you can pick them up.  Sound good to you?  Contact Linda for more information (email her at


It’s SUPER EASY and fast to sign up on this website using your credit card or PayPal.  You’ll have your confirmation by email just a few minutes after you sign up. This insures your place in the course.

Rather pay by check?  Sure!  Just sign up online, choose “Pay By Check” at checkout and complete your order.  PRINT your confirmation page (or at least make note of your order number).  Make sure you write your order number on your check and WALK IT INTO THE BOARD OFFICE (please don’t send them through your childs back pack… it takes much longer, sometimes gets lost and you may not get a place in the course.)

We are so excited to bring you these selection of enrichment courses for your children.  We hope you enjoy them! ♥