KASE Program for Spring 2016 is BLASTING OFF!

We want to thank you all for helping to make this session a BIG success!  Here’s the list of courses that ARE running this session:


  • Tennis @ Kiel
  • Animal All Stars @ Kiel
  • Hands On Engineering @ Kiel
  • Game Design @ Stonybrook


  • Artistic Expressions @ Kiel
  • Grossology @ Kiel
  • DaVinci’s World @ Stonybrook


  • Science World @ Kiel


  • Karate @ Kiel
  • The Art Of The Story Board @ Kiel
  • Clay Play @ Kiel
  • Artistic Expressions @ Stonybrook
  • TV Chef!  @ Stonybrook


If your course is listed above, we are looking forward to seeing you after school THIS WEEK!  (Classes start on Monday, March 7th) 

If your course is NOT listed above, please contact Sandra at if you haven’t already to let her know if you want to change into a course that has space (some are full!) or if you’d like to have your money refunded.

**NOTE: Everyone who enrolled in a course that we had to cancel has been notified by email.  Please make sure you check your email/spam box for information.  Thank you!

See you after school!  ♥