Almost Out Of Time To Sign Up!

The Spring 2016 Session of the KASE Program starts next week!

Are you excited??

We sure are!  We can’t wait to see you after school.  But wait:  You can only come if you remember to SIGN UP!

Here’s the timeline:

  • Wednesday, March 2nd:  In the evening, we’ll be reviewing sign ups and deciding which courses can or can’t run (courses with too few students need to be cut….  Don’t let your favorite slip away!) Any classes that don’t meet the minimum by this time will be removed from the catalog.
  • Friday, March 4th:  This will be the LAST DAY to register!  Don’t wait for the weekend!
  • Monday, March 7th: Courses begin!


NOTE: In the past, we have allowed people to sign up right until a course begins.  We did this to try to allow as many students to participate as possible.  It is, however, a paperwork nightmare and in the interests of keeping your children safe (and just a little bit of our sanity!) we are no longer able to allow this.  PLEASE sign up by Friday!