How many times has this happened to you?

Your child is interested in something, so you buy them all the equipment they need for it, get them signed up for lessons and change schedules around to fit it in only to find out a month later that they hate it?

This is why we offer Karate!

No uniform is required and no schedules need changing.  Just sign up for 8 weeks of after school Traditional Okinawan Karate lessons with Mr. Miller!  Your kids will get a taste of the sport and can choose to continue next session or to even take lessons at Traditional Okinawan Karate of Kinnelon!  Mr. Miller always invites his KASE students to participate at his studio for no additional charge during the 8 weeks!  So if your child LOVES it, you can get lots more karate time for free! ♥

See you after school!

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