It’s beautiful and it happens every session.

Somewhere, in at least one of the KASE courses that runs every session, a friendship grows that wasn’t there before.  Kids who spend time in different classes during the day come together with a common interest in the afternoon.  They learn things about each other that they didn’t know before.  Someone who is usually shy opens up a bit, delighting in the course topic, showing more of themselves and opening up the door to friendships that could never have existed otherwise.



And you thought this was just about enrichment!  🙂

In a way, I suppose it is!  Not only are we broadening the minds of your children afterschool, and sharing exciting new ideas and experiences, but we’re also helping to forge lasting friendships built on common interests and experiences.

Have you joined in yet?

It’s easy to put it off.  And it’s easy to let the deadline slide by and then say “maybe next time” but what if you were to pick something your child would love and sign up for it right now?  What if your child is one of the ones who comes home sharing all about what was learned after school and the new friend they made?  What if this is the session that starts a life long friendship?

Don’t wait!  Registration closes at 11:59 tonight!


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