New adventures await you, old favorites call you back. No matter your preference, there’s something for EVERYONE after school! ♥



Our new system allows you to register all of your children for all of their courses in one order!  🙂  We’re pretty excited about this and hope you love it, too.

There is one small snag in this new system, though.  It waits until payment is in our hand before it reserves your spot in a class, so if you choose to pay by check, you’ll need to get that in to us ASAP to make sure your spot in class isn’t taken by someone else.  The best thing to do is to pay by PayPal or credit card as you check out.  That way your spot is yours right away. ♥


We worked really hard to keep prices as low as possible.  You’ll find that the highest price we ask is under $200!  🙂  This is a BIG step for the KASE Program, but it can ONLY stay this way if we fill up these courses.  Help us keep this important program running!  REGISTER TODAY!

Important Dates:

Registration closes on March 2nd, so don’t wait!

Courses begin on March 6th!


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