Program Policies

Our policies are put in place to make the Kinnelon After School Enrichment experience as
enjoyable as possible for our children and their parents, our instructors and our Support Staff.

1. The Kinnelon After School Enrichment Program is open to Kinnelon School District children in grades K-8.
2. The session runs for 8 weeks (see the current session calendar)
3. All Kinnelon After School Enrichment Program courses ARE TAKEN AT YOUR OWN RISK.
4. Enrollment is done exclusively through the website. You must sign up online. When you
sign up for a course you will receive an e-mail confirming your order. This is just an order
confirmation and does not guarantee you a spot in the course or courses you have chosen. Once you receive your order confirmation, you will need to send in your payment as soon as possible.
When your payment is received, the site is updated to reflect your payment and your will receive a final e-mail confirming you are enrolled in the course.
5. Please make all checks payable to Kinnelon Enrichment Program
6. Please keep a copy of your confirmation and the information of the School, Course, Day and Time. This CONFIRMATION e-mail will be your FINAL E-MAIL unless the course you selected is not running due to low enrollment.
6. If the course you have chosen is not running due to low enrollment, you will be notified by email and given 24 hours to choose a replacement course.  After that time, we will refund your payment. 
7. There will be NO REFUNDS after the first class meeting.
8. If for any reason, your child will be going home from school and will not be attending his or her enrichment class, PLEASE SEND A NOTE TO SCHOOL TO THE ATTENTION OF LINDA RUSSELL – ENRICHMENT.
9. The KASE Program does not run on half days, scheduled school closings and school closings due to weather or other unforeseen events.
10. During inclement weather, if school is closed, an early dismissal occurs or all after school activities are cancelled, there will be no KASE Program enrichment classes.
11. Behavior: we make every effort to work with our parents to remedy any difficulties that
might arise. However, for the benefit of every child in the class, if a child’s behavior is
continually disruptive to the class, we will ask you to remove your child from the class.
12. PLEASE PICK UP YOUR CHILD PROMPTLY. Our instructors and Support Staff
Personnel would like to go home too! Please be at the school approximately 5 minutes before the course dismissal time.

General Information

NEW –   Bus From Stonybrook –> Glenn L. Sisco School.

If you would like to participate in the KASE Program at Stonybrook (grades 3-5 only),  but your work schedule does not allow you to pick up you child after the KASE Program,
Please contact Linda Russell at for information on our bus from Stonybrook School at KASE dismissal time to the Kid’s Korner PM program at Glenn L. Sisco School.
Enrollment in the Kid’s Korner PM for the day or days your child attends the Stonybrook KASE Program is required.

For information please contact – Linda Russell at

What is the K.A.S.E. Program?

K.A.S.E Program stands for Kinnelon After School Enrichment Program. The program is designed to let Kinnelon Public School children in grades K-5 experience a wide variety of courses that are both fun and educational. Often these opportunities are not readily available anywhere else.

How is the program funded?

The KASE Program is strictly a tuition based program.  The program does not receive any funding from the Kinnelon Board of Education Budget. The tuition helps cover the cost of instructor salaries, support staff and any supplies needed for the courses.

How often does the program run?

The KASE Program holds 2 semesters per school year.  A Fall Semester which begins in October and a Spring Semester which begins in March.

Each semester is approximately 8 weeks in duration and each weekly course is approximately 1 hour long.

Who are the Instructors?

In order to provide a wide variety of experiences and knowledge to our students, we hire instructors from all different walks of life.  Some instructors are professional educators, some run their own companies, dedicated to the courses they teach, and still other are members of local communities who have a passion that they want to share.

If you are interested in being a course instructor, please visit our Job Openings page.    On this page you will find some of the courses we are hoping someone would be interested in teaching.  We also welcome new ideas.  The goal is to find people who have a passion for a subject and is willing to pass that passion and knowledge on to our students.

Where does my child attend weekly courses?

Your child will attend classes in their own school.  A central meeting place will be arranged and the school office will call After School Enrichment students to that place.  In Kiel School it is usually the gym and at Stonybrook School it is usually the Cafeteria.

Kindergarten students who attend Stonybrook School are welcome to attend courses at Kiel School.  Parents will need to drive their children to Kiel School, being sure to arrive no later than 3:30.  All Kiel courses meet up in the Gym where they assemble with their teachers, attendance is taken and then the teachers take their charges to their classrooms.

What time of the day are courses held?

Courses begin at dismissal time for your child’s school.  Children are met by the course instructor at a central location and are escorted to a classroom by the instructor.  Classes are approximately 1 hour in length.

Specifically, Kiel School courses run from 3:40 – 4:40 and Stonybrook School courses run from 3:30 – 4:30.

How does my child get home after their course?

Parents are responsible for picking up their children at the end of the allotted time for the course.  To be fair to our instructors we ask that parents arrive at least 5 minutes before the course is scheduled to end so that students are picked up in a timely fashion.

How can I help support the KASE Program?

The support of the community is vitally important.

The first way you can help us continue to provide this wonderful experience is to sign your children up for one or more classes. Your participation enables us to retain our instructors and entice new instructors to our program.

Another way you can help is to check our Job Openings page and see if there is a course you might like to teach.  If you have and idea for a course you would like to teach, let us know!  We are always looking for new courses to add to our program.

If you don’t feel you would be able to be an instructor, but have an idea for a course you think the students might like, we would love to hear from you.  Sometimes people want to teach a course but just don’t know what they would like to do.  Ideas are always welcome.

Lastly, please tell your friends about the program and encourage them to either sign their children up or perhaps teach a class.

Our program is growing and there is always plenty of room for more eager minds.

Registration Info

How do I register my child?

 All enrollments occur online on this website. It is best to register with a credit card or PayPal since payment is immediate and you are then guaranteed your spot.   As soon as you register, pay,  and get your email confirmation, you are guaranteed a spot in the course(s) you selected (If they run).  If a course doesn’t run for low enrollment, we’ll put you into your alternate course or we’ll refund your payment.  It’s fast, secure and easy!

 If you’d rather pay by check, it’s best to walk it into the board office (Sending through your childs back-pack takes much longer and you may not get your spot).  Just order online, select “Pay by check”, print your confirmation and/or write your order number on your check.

Kinnelon Enrichment Program
Linda Russell, Supervisor
Glenn L. Sisco School
109 Kiel Avenue
Kinnelon, NJ 07405

MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO “Kinnelon Enrichment Program”

How do I know my child has been registered in a course?

When you enter you registration online and Checkout, you will immediately receive an order confirmation page.  Credit card and PayPal payments are automatically confirmed by email immediately.  Check payments are confirmed when we get your payment.  You’ll get a confirmation email.

If a class is going to be cancelled due to lack of registration, it usually happens very late in the registration process, to allow time for additional enrollments to come in.  Please understand that notification for this kind of cancellation will probably come just before classes are to begin.

What do I do if I don’t receive confirmation?

If you do not receive enrollment confirmation, please DO NOT assume your child is enrolled in the course or courses you have chosen.  Also, please check you spam folder for correspondence from the KASE Program.  If you still did not find your enrollment confirmation, please contact Sandra Modersohn by e-mail at (

4 thoughts on “INFORMATION!

  1. When do we know if you have met minimum class I found 6 to run? It’s important so we c I understand pick an option …Thank you great selection. Regards Marbella for Luke Heimberg

    • It’s important to go ahead and sign up for a class if you are at all interested in it. That way we know it can run! Sometimes a course is cancelled because we needed just one more student to sign up. You have the option during checkout to choose an alternate course and, of course, if a Course is cancelled, we’ll be in contact with you and let you know, and also give you the opportunity to choose a different course that IS running. I believe tonight (October 1st) is when decisions are being made about what courses will or won’t run. Thank you for your great question and I hope we see you after school!

    • Great question! 🙂 There are two sessions every school year. The Fall Session enrollment usually starts right after school begins in Sept and the Spring Session enrollment usually starts in February.

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