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  1. When do we know if you have met minimum class I found 6 to run? It’s important so we c I understand pick an option …Thank you great selection. Regards Marbella for Luke Heimberg

    • It’s important to go ahead and sign up for a class if you are at all interested in it. That way we know it can run! Sometimes a course is cancelled because we needed just one more student to sign up. You have the option during checkout to choose an alternate course and, of course, if a Course is cancelled, we’ll be in contact with you and let you know, and also give you the opportunity to choose a different course that IS running. I believe tonight (October 1st) is when decisions are being made about what courses will or won’t run. Thank you for your great question and I hope we see you after school!

    • Great question! 🙂 There are two sessions every school year. The Fall Session enrollment usually starts right after school begins in Sept and the Spring Session enrollment usually starts in February.

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