KASE Program Policies

Our policies are put in place to make the Kinnelon After School Enrichment experience as
enjoyable as possible for our children and their parents, our instructors and our Support Staff.
1. The Kinnelon After School Enrichment Program is open to Kinnelon School District children in grades K-5.
2. The session runs for 8 weeks (see the current session calendar in the side bar)
3. All Kinnelon After School Enrichment Program courses ARE TAKEN AT YOUR
4. Enrollment is done exclusively through the website. You must sign up online. When you
sign up for a course you will receive an e-mail confirming your order. This is just an order
confirmation and does not guarantee you a spot in the course or courses you have chosen. Once you receive your order confirmation, you will need to send in your payment as soon as possible.
When your payment is received, the site is updated to reflect your payment and your will receive a final e-mail confirming you are enrolled in the course.
5. Please make all checks payable to Kinnelon Enrichment Program
6. Please keep a copy of your confirmation and the information of the School, Course, Day and Time. This CONFIRMATION e-mail will be your FINAL E-MAIL unless the course you
selected is not running due to low enrollment.
6. If the course you have chosen is not running due to low enrollment, you will automatically be switched to the alternate course you have chosen and you will be notified regarding this change.
If you did not choose an alternate course, you will be notified that your check is being returned or your credit card payment is being refunded.
7. There will be NO REFUNDS after the first class meeting.
8. If for any reason, your child will be going home from school and will not be attending his or her enrichment class, PLEASE SEND A NOTE TO SCHOOL TO THE ATTENTION OF
9. The KASE Program does not run on half days, scheduled school closings and school closings due to weather or other unforseen events.
10. During inclement weather, if school is closed, an early dismissal occurs or all after school activities are cancelled, there will be no KASE Program enrichment classes.
11. Behavior: we make every effort to work with our parents to remedy any difficulties that
might arise. However, for the benefit of every child in the class, if a child’s behavior is
continually disruptive to the class, we will ask you to remove your child from the class.
12. PLEASE PICK UP YOUR CHILD PROMPTLY. Our instructors and Support Staff
Personnel would like to go home too! Please be at the school approximately 5 minutes before the course dismissal time.

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