Did you register yet? Friday 8:00 PM Deadline!



Did you wait to the last moment to sign up?

It’s totally fine.  But if you wait much longer, you’ll be out of luck!


Here’s the timeline you need to know:

FRIDAY, Oct 9th at 8:00 pm
We’ll be shutting down enrollment for any course that hasn’t met the minimum needed to run.  If the course you wanted is one or two kids away from running, you can SAVE IT (and make a bunch of kids REALLY happy) by signing up BEFORE this deadline!

MONDAY, Oct 12th
We’ll be closing enrollment for all Monday classes.  If you want in on a Tues-Thurs class, please… don’t wait any longer!

TUESDAY, Oct 13th
Now all Monday AND Tuesday classes will be closed to new enrollments.  Come on!  You can still grab a Wednesday or Thursday class!

No more enrollments for Mon-Wed.  This is the procrastinators LAST CHANCE to get in on some afterschool fun!  Enrollment is only open for Thursdays at this point.

THURSDAY, Oct 15th
ALL enrollment is now closed.  You’ll have to wait until next session to join us after school.

Got it?

We’ll send out a few reminders along the way, but PLEASE!!  Don’t wait!  ♥  We don’t want any frowny faces 😉

See you after school!